CukeUp! takes place in London on March 24th 2011. It’s a one day conference packed with half hour talks about all things related to the Cucumber BDD tool and ecosystem.


CukeUp! is organized by Skills Matter and Aslak Hellesøy, the creator of Cucumber. Sign up at the Skills Matter web site.

Talks will cover topics like:

  • Cucumber basics
  • How to keep Cucumber features maintainable and fast
  • Outside-in Development and BDD
  • Browser testing of Ruby, Java, .NET or PHP apps
  • Related tools and techniques
  • Keep the team involved with a ubiquitous language

This mixture of technical and non-technical talks should be beneficial for programmers, testers and people who write requirements.

DRW Trading Group

Special thanks to DRW Trading Group for sponsoring this conference.

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