Agile · watchr

watchr – Agile development tool – Ruby gem

watchr – Agile development tool that monitors a directory tree, and triggers a user defined action whenever an observed file is modified. Its most typical use is continuous testing, and as such it is a more flexible alternative to autotest.


1. Open Command prompt

2. CMD>gem install watchr


Sample Usage:




To Run:

in CMD_EXACTPATH>watchr code.rb



Change the code and save frequently. Whenever you are saving the file, WATCHR will execute and displays output in command prompt.


Demo Available here –>



watchr is:

  • Simple to use
  • Highly flexible
  • Evented ( Listens for filesystem events with native c libs )
  • Portable ( Linux, *BSD, OSX, Solaris, Windows )
  • Fast ( Immediately reacts to file changes )

Most importantly it allows running tests in an environment that is agnostic to:

  • Web frameworks ( rails, merb, sinatra, camping, invisible, … )
  • Test frameworks ( test/unit, minitest, rspec, test/spec, expectations, … )
  • Ruby interpreters ( ruby1.8, ruby1.9, MRI, JRuby, Rubinius, … )
  • Package frameworks ( rubygems, rip, … )

For more details –>


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