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Watir WebDriver — Handling New Window


1. You are in Parent Page.
2. Clicking link “Open” in Parent page.
3. It opens new window
4. You need to do actions  there and come back to your parent window


To Click the Link

require 'rubygems'
require 'watir-webdriver' :ff

To handle the New window and performing some actions within that window,

ff.window(:title,/TITLE of the new window/i).use do
puts ff.title #returns the new window title

within a loop The button belongs to Newly opened window.

puts ff.title #returns the parent window title


4 thoughts on “Watir WebDriver — Handling New Window

  1. Hello,
    I am about to start web automation of my project from scratch.

    I am confused if I should use watir-webdriver or selenium-webdriver.
    I have read about both of them, but I am not able to decide which one I should go ahead with.

    I have quite some experience in watir, but if selenium-webdriver is better than watir-webdriver I would like to explore it.

    I see that you have been working on both.
    Could you please advice me on which one I should use?
    Your help is much appreciated.


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  3. Hi, I’m running cucmber scripts and using watir-webdriver. Would you know why I’m getting errors that indicate that “Selenium::Webdriver” when I’m using watir-webdriver? I had installed selenium-webdriver in my PC at some point in the past.


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