Google skethcup

Google SketchUp Ruby API

Steps to complete the installation and Demo :

1. Install Google SketchUp
2. Install Ruby
3. Create a script file named as googlesketch.rb

   UI.messagebox('Woooo!! Welcome to  Google Sketch World......')

4. Save it in the Plugins folder
 ("c:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp [n]\Plugins")

5. To run our plugin we simply need to start Sketchup 
(or restart, if it's already open.) 

6. If everything went well you'll see "Woooo!! 
Welcome to Google Sketch World......" every time
 you start the program.This one line of code uses 
the UI module's messagebox method to show the alert
 box. UI is one of the "big three" modules that
 provide hooks for manipulating SketchUp with Ruby.
 The other modules are SketchUp and Geom. 
We'll learn more as we go through the other tutorials.


Congratulations! You've successfully written your first SketchUp Plugin.

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