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jazzez send score – version 2.0

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Download :

Situation : You are in Meeting/Driving/Etc but you need to know the score  for current cricket match. In this case, This tool will send  SMS to you automatically for the whole match in the periodic interval(Even every 2 sec).

* If you have a account in Indyarocks (  / )then jazzez send score will help you to receive SMS with the help of your account credentials.

* Before leaving anywhere

Double Click the jazzez-send-score.EXE

and you should provide

1. Cric info match URL Ex (,

2. USERNAME(Indyarocks/,

3. PASSWORD(Indyarocks/

4. Mobile Number (To receive SMS)

5. Count (How many sms you need ?)

6. Interval (How much interval between two SMS) in Seconds


* It supports only windows OS

* Initial version(1.0) may have lot of issues.


3 thoughts on “jazzez send score – version 2.0

  1. very nice software you have made;
    i just want to know this message can be go with in group wise message. just send this message to particular group.
    can it be possible to send a particular message like stock market sensex from particular excel sheet. i had excel sheet which updates sensex rates automaticaly i want to send this updates to group with time frame of half an hour to one particular group. my mobile number 992067… and email id ariha…

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