heroku · Ruby

Heroku – Rubygem

Introduction to Heroku

Heroku is the instant ruby platform. Deploy any ruby app instantly with a simple and familiar git push. Take advantage of advanced features like HTTP caching, memcached, rack middleware, and instant scaling built into every app. Never think about hosting or servers again.

Heroku is a multi-tenant platform and hosting environment. Your app doesn’t need its own servers, slices, or clusters, and you’ll benefit from continuous platform improvements.
Fully Managed

Each element in this diagram represents a large pool of servers invisibly managed by Heroku. Because we control all the infrastructure and software layers, we can present a clean interface for deploying your code.

We actively curate each layer, ensuring you have the latest in software and best practices, and that it’s all stable and integrated smoothly.
Everything You Need

Together, these elements provide everything you need to run a modern, high-performance, scalable web app. Click around to understand the path of a request through the system.
More information

See our Architecture description for more details on how Heroku works


For more details –> http://heroku.com/


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