cucumber · cuRF


cuRF – It will create Cucumber feature files with different set of test data.



  • Create multiple Cucumber Feature files with different set of TEST DATA.

Why it is needed?

  • Cucumber currently supports Keyword driven and TABLE structured data driven flows. The table structure data driven works perfectly within Scenario’s. But it doesn’t pass anything to ANTOHER scenario’s in same feature file.
  • To increase the data driven approach in cucumber, we are creating more feature files depends upon TEST data from user.

Steps for Demo:

  • Open main_feature.feature file
    • It has 2 scenario’s
    • Instead of TEST DATA it has the variable name such as,
      • number1
      • number2
      • total1
      • total2
  • These all variables should be unique
  • Open data.xls file
    • Here you need provide all headers. Header name is nothing but all the variable names without the symbol “@”
    • Keep the method name created? At last column.
    • Create the rows with TEST DATA
    • Save and Close the Excel file
    • Run the batch file named as “run.bat”
      • Open the folder named as “result_features”
        • Lot of new feature files created automatically with the different set of test data.

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