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Drive with Watir

Watir Features:

Please go through my previous post named as Watir.Some basic points are there.

Now I come to the point, How watir helps to Tester for write automation scripts in Ruby language.

Ya it’s simple. Watir helps ..

1. Automatically write in text box –> text box name or value or id Important(WET is used to identify the filed names.)

2. Automatically click buttons.

3. select list boxes,and so on…

4. How can i know about field names, values, and id.

WET – Web Environment Testing.

It is also a gem file just install it

c:\gem install wet

and run this program. Change URL http://www.google.com to Your Own page(Need View page)


require ‘WET’
include WET

ie= Browser.new

If u want to learn more about WET then follow this link


5. Watir can have easily understandable codings. Not need to any previous programming skills. Fresher also easily pick up this scripting language.

My position in Watir:

I have done some scripts in Watir.

1. RFSearch Engine :

* If you want to search some thing in Net. But u dont have time to spent click and view all the things. You want only all the links with their URL.

* If you want to know about status of your site in google search engine. It will shows which page your site is placed in google search?

* Its depending upon Google search engine. it will works IE,Firefox(firewatir). Now i am working with Safariwatir.

2. Automatic Yahoo mail checking and Composing:

* It ask Your uaer name and password and as well as how many mails u want to see in your inbox after(Ask after visit your home page)

* If you want to read 10 mails then it will goes to automatically open that mails. Here I am using last come first serve method.So you read the latest mail in very first.

* Mail composing –> It ask To, Subject, Body contents…. and click automatically send button.

* Attachment also working with compose a mail.

I think this post is very useful to all new comers working with watir.

For more details :  http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/pages/HowToTestRailsWithWatir 




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