Testing · vmware

VMware server console

Installation of VMware:

1.Download VMware server console.
For free download — http://reister.vmware.com/content/download.html

2. Create short cut to desktop.

Working with VMware:

1. Start — programs — VMware — VMware server –Click VMware server console.

Start to work with vmware

2. Select Local host and click ok.

3. File — New — Virtual Machine

New Virtual machine

4. Click next.

5. Select the appropriate configuration. Here select — typical and click next button.

6. Select a guest OS. Select anyone from list.


7. Ex. Select Micro Soft windows with the version of windows 2000 professional.

8. Name the virtual machine

Name the virtual machine

9. Select your network type and click next.

10. Specify disk capacity. How much capacity need if you want to work with that OS. Disk size in GB.

disk capacity

11. Click finish button. Now you are ready to work with new OS.

12. I have two OS for separately to work with IE6 and IE7. Now I am going to working with both OS at a time.

13. Click start this virtual machine or play (green)

New OS with IE 7

14. New Os loading…….


15. Just press ctrl+alt key. The you are directly work with new OS. If u want to back base OS then simply press again ctrl+alt.

New OS

16 . VMware working speed is depends upon your system configuration.

Just install and work with VMware . More interesting options are there.




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