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RubyScript 2 exe conversion


RubyScript2Exe transforms your Ruby application into a standalone, compressed Windows, Linux or Mac OS X (Darwin) executable. You can look at it as a “compiler”. Not in the sense of a source-code-to-byte-code compiler, but as a “collector”, for it collects all necessary files to run your application on an other machine: the Ruby application, the Ruby interpreter and the Ruby runtime library (stripped down for your application). Anyway, the result is the same: a standalone executable (application.exe)


1. Install ruby  — Latest version Ruby1.8.6 available  from

2. then goto command prompt and run the command

c:\ruby\gem install rubyscript2exe

3. In case u don’t have net connection then  download that gem file and use the following command. this link will help to download rubyscripttoexe.gem file

then paste that gem file to c:\ruby\bin\PASTEHERE

Goto command prompt   c:\ruby\bin\gem install rubyscript2exe

Now your machine is ready  convert one ruby file to exe.

4. If u want to convert c:\test\example.rb file to exe.

Then goto command prompt just run the  following command

c:\test\rubyscript2exe example.rb -w

5. Now u look ur folder c:\test. The new exe file placed on that window.

Just double click that exe. Now you are ready to publish that exe to all.


1. Run the EXE file –> There is no need to install ruby.

2.No nees to install gems also.

3. Watir – ( Web automation testing in Ruby )  This gem  plays as a major role in Rubyscript2exe.




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